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Fish Fry Season

The wife and I are big fans of Fish Fry Season, a/k/a Lent. The River Front Times has a Fish Fry Frenzey blog where visitors can follow along with one of their journalists as they try various local options. The first week was a church doing falafel and hummus and such, a not your grandparents fish fry. Then came a Webster Groves gluten free barbecue or something. In the past they’ve also covered Mexican meatless events. We prefer old school fried fish. Give me jack salmon and a cornmeal crust, and she’ll take the fried cod.

On a trip to Farmhaus for lunch I noticed the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church hosted a fish fry on Fridays. Catholic churches, VFW posts, and gun clubs usually have the best fish, so, I thought we’d try it.

The fry was held in a championship banner draped gymnasium next to their bowling alley, which was featured as 2006’s best bowling alley in the RFT. A great atmosphere for fish.

The meal was a la carte, and featured some tasty vinegar slaw, fruit cocktail, generic deserts, spaghetti and mac ‘n cheese, both looked straight out of a bag, green beans, triangular cod patties, fried shrimp, a great jack salmon, looked hand breaded, and they were out of catfish. Three of us ate for $18, so, though it wasn’t perfect, it was cost effective.

My plate:

Wife’s plate:

She wasn’t feeling very well.

The jack salmon was excellent, but the sides, outside of the slaw, were awful. No hush puppies or fries, no bakes beans. That mac ‘n cheese looked terrible and about as flavorless as the spaghetti. You can score beer and wine, which is nice. I’d go for that jack salmon with a Bud, but I’d have to go alone.

We’ll try a different church this week on our mission to find the perfect Fish Fry Season spot. I will suggest to those in the mood for Friday fish, go early, these things shut down by 7 PM and often times they run out of the good stuff. Hopefully we’ll find one as perfect as the Highland VFW or Edwardsville Gun Club, now that we’re on this side of the river. Until then, happy hunting.

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