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Loafing Meat like a True Patriot

As it is President’s Day I decided to go with a meatloaf dinner, just like mom would make. This also allows me to lunch like a patriot all week with meatloaf sammies. Today was a meatloaf double up, as I had it for lunch and dinner.

As it was President’s Day I had the day off, and no food. Fortunately, as it was a trading holiday, two friends were also in need of a lunch option. My favorite destination for a weekday holiday lunch is Farmhause and my two companions were more than happy to check it out. A word on their lunch, it’s $10, for salad, tea, and entree. The offer one blue plate lunch item, Monday’s it’s meatloaf. I think Wednesday is fried chicken and Thursday fried fish, not sure on Tuesday. As for the meatloaf,

it’s wrapped in bacon and accompanied by mashes potatoes and butter poached carrots. The salad,

does not change on the day. A quick peak at the dinner menu shows the meatloaf runs $15 and the salad $7, so for $10 at lunch you get $22 plus beverage worth of Farmhause. A steal. As for my dinner…

For the recipes I turned to two all American cook books, Alton Brown’s “I’m Just Here for the Food” and “Joy of Cooking” by Rombauer and Becker.

2.0 large eggs
2.0 lbs ground chuck
1.5 cups onion
1.0 tbsp minced garlic
3.0 tbsp ketchup
0.5 tsp paprika
3.0 tbsp red wine vinegar
1.0 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1.5 tsp kosher salt
.05 tsp fresh ground pepper
2.0 tbsp chopped parsley
1.0 tbsp dried red bell pepper
2.0 slices white bread

I substitute the bread with a cup of oats because that’s how my mom does it. I also add a finely diced small green bell pepper. I don’t measure on the onion, I just use a hole medium sized one. Play with the seasoning and adjust it to your personal taste. There are endless possibilities. Maybe do a curry flavored loaf to be ironic.

Back on point, I do become a bit of a knife skills snob for my meatloaf. No one wants some chunky car reck meatloaf. To make sure you get even cooking and a consistent loaf, dice your veggies. This is where you do the cut in half, put slits across, without cutting all the way to the root, then slice parallel to your cutting board twice, then chop, thing with the onion. This will give you nice uniform cubes. With the pepper, cut off the top and bottom, then turn the flesh into match sticks, after removing the seeds and all white matter, then chop the matchsticks into a small dice.

Sweat the veggies, which is to say, cook them until they are translucent. I do this with a bit of oil and salt, I also do it in batches, otherwise you end up steaming them, and you won’t get that nice sweetness.

Throw everything into a large bowl once the onion and pepper have cooled. Use a big bowl, the biggest you have, trust me.

Stir/fold it over sixteen times and them place in a 9×5 loaf pan. Then place the loaf in a 350 degree oven for about 1.25 hours, your looking for about a 165 degree internal temp.

For the Broccoli I simply steamed it in my steamer with a bit of salt, pepper, and a couple slices of lemon.

For the potatoes I went with the “Joy” recipe for boiled mature potatoes, the ones I scored at Shop ‘n Save weren’t small enough to be accurately labelled “new.” I cubed them for quicker and more even cooking. I boiled them in just enough water to cover, this took about thirty minutes.

I the drained them well. After which I placed them back in the pot with a towel over the lid for five minutes. I then added a few globs of butter, two tablespoons of grated horseradish, a sprinkling of chives, and some chopped parsley. After the butter melted I gave the pot a good shake to coat.

Now, as I’m about to plate, the loaf

as it’s resting for ten minutes.

Same with the spuds,

after sitting under their towel.

Turned out the loaf was a bit lose still, but all and all a tasty meal.

It’s no Farmhause, but it’ll do for a Monday night.

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Chili Night

Not every-night at Amuse-Douche is fancy cocktails, wine, a gourmet meal and some sort of freshly prepared dessert.

Tonight was chili night. Eating out of the pantry and freezer occasionally, allows us to eat out of the Straub’s meat counter and Maplewood Farmer’s Market bins every now and then. It also allows me to have an easily divided lunch to take to work the rest of the week. This way I don’t get caught up in the “where are we going to have lunch” discussion and can have my own internal “what craft beer sixer will I buy tonight” discussion.

So, how do I make my Monday Night Chili?

1 lb Ground Beef
4 links Farmer’s Larder Frankfurters
1/2 cup Shredded BBQ Ribs
(frozen from smoking this fall)
1 onion (diced)
1 green pepper (diced)

Brown/sauté above ingredients, then add to your own taste, I hardly ever measure when cooking like this, the following;

Paprika (less)
Ancho Chili Powder (lots)
Garlic Powder
Granulated Onion
Chipotle Chili Powder (little)
Cumin (lots)
Bay Leaf
Dried Red Bell Pepper
House Canned Jalepeños
House Canned Sweet Peppers

I also add a Cacabel, Chipotle and Guajillo pepper, all dried, and then remove before serving. All available at your local Penzey’s or any Mexican bodega.

Then add,

1/2 Boulevard Single Wide IPA
1 Can Tomato Sauce
1 Can Crushed Tomatoes

After you let this all simmer for a half hour or so toss in a can if strained and rinsed chili beans. Heat through and then serve as you wish. I keep the rest on the stove for an hour or so before i portion it out for those lunches.

Top as you wish. I like mine topped with raw onion, but we were out, so I settled for Sriracha Garlic Chili Paste.


As to my measuring of lots, less, little, don’t complain. If that no talent ass clown Rachel Ray can free measure with her palm I certainly can eye ball, and you can taste. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing when cooking anyway, TASTING, not trusting in the hand size of some, uneducated, made for TV, air brushed, weight fluctuating hack.

I make a more refined chili as well, but that involves an emersion blender, the grill and is definitely not a Monday One Potter.