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Don Q and My 501s

Swung by Sanctuaria for my Wednesday Cocktail Club cocktail. I had two, my limit, bought a bottle of their single barrel Elijah Craig 12 year, and talked a little Don Q Cocktail Competition.

Single Barrel Elijah Craig? Yes, Sanctuaria has their very own barrel they chose and had bottles for their own use in whiskey drinks as well as to sell to their more discerning customers. At $23 a bottle it’s pretty reasonable for a single barrel whiskey.

On the Don Q front, Sunday from 2-5 pm at Blood & Sand the St. Louis chapter of the United Stated Bartenders Guild in association with Don Q Rum, are having a Don Q Rum cocktail competition. From what I hear, there will be a lot of Añejo Grand being poured. For a measly $25, visitors can taste batches of the competitor’s libations, which is pretty cool. I believe snacks will be provided as well, not sure if they’ll be sophisticated Chris Bork fair, or something a bit less fancy. A portion of the $25 goes towards an animal charity like stray and rescue, I believe. All are welcome to attend, no need to be a USBG or Blood & Sand member. It should be a nice opportunity to check out Blood & Sand’s great space and sip some drinks from your favorite men and ladies behind the sticks of Taste,Blood & Sand, Sanctuaria, Eclipse, Franco. This douche will be there.

So, the drinks, I started with the 501 as I was feeling tequila after sipping a dram of my own barrel aged Añejo at the house. I normally wouldn’t have imbibed pre-Sanctuaria, but I’d met a friend earlier at 33 Wine and he’d given me a pouch of dried cactus to try with my next tequila, which meant my next tequila would be as soon as I got home to let the dogs out.

And for the tequila cocktail recipe,

1.50 ounces blanco tequila
0.75 ounces Canton Ginger Liqueur
0.50 ounces Lemon juice
0.25 ounces Aperol

some of my favorite ingredients.

Shake this drink, and garnish with an orange swath. It is quite nice, and as with many Aperol drinks, would do quite well as a morning bracer.

I had a few sips before snapping this shot.

My second drink was a Ward 47,

a red and minty take on the Ward 8, a classic, but reddened and mintied from hibiscus liqueur and mint. It was a bit much. I’ll stick with the original.

Ward 8
2.0 ounces rye
.75 ounces orange juice
.75 ounces lemon juice
1.0 tsp grenadine

Shake this and garnish with a lemon peal. The Ward 8 was featured in Esquire’s drink section and Wonderich does a nice job explaining some of the issues with this particular cocktail.

Tim was behind the stick at Sanctuaria last night, now that the usual Wednesday barman has gone on to a position as bar manager at Franco. Best of luck to her. While talking shop with Tim, I happened to check my Facebook account and found a status update by Tales of the Cocktail with an article he was featured in. How fortuitous. Check the article out here. It’s always nice to get local pub.

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Wednesday Night Tradición

Today is National Margarita Day and I felt like enjoying one this evening. Unfortunately, the Margarita isn’t on Sanctuaria’s cocktail club member’s list. So, I went with the next best thing.

The Maria Antoinette at Sanctuaria.

Maria Antoinette
1.5 ounces Añejo Tequila
0.5 ounces Cognac
0.5 ounces orange juice
0.5 ounces lime juice
.25 ounces agave nectar

Shake all ingredient with ice, double strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with a flamed orange. Flamed orange? Yes, take a swath of orange, run a lighter across it a couple times, and then squeeze the orange piece so as to express the heated citrus oils into the flame and across the top of the drink. Then float the orange piece on top of the drink.

Use a juicy Cognac such as the one above, in this recipe the Cognac is adding sweetness, flavor, and French fanciness. Reposado tequila will also work, if you don’t want to use Añejo. I used Espalón’s Reposado. I’m not going to use Añejo tequila on a mixed drink, unless I’m charging money for it. For Margaritas I use Reposado over crystal or Añejo.

The classic Margarita by Robert Hess, created here, uses the following ratio:

2.0 oz Tequila
1.3 oz Cointreau
.67 oz fresh lime juice

This 2-1.33-.67 ratio is much sweeter than a 4-1-2 ratio base-sweet-sour we saw in my Save our Sour blog. But, as I mentioned in that piece, many like their Margarita’s a bit sweeter than their Whiskey Sours or Daiquiris. When recipes call for a liqueur as their sweetener, you’ll generally see more sweetener used in the ratio.

Gary Regan, who likes his drinks stiff, uses a 3-2-1 ratio in “The Joy of Mixology.” He also talks of a 3-2-1 ratio being used in many other drinks, including his Sidecar recipe, which Alton Brown claims is the base for the Margarita, but Ted Kilgore scoff at that, so who knows. The Cosmopolitan is another 3-2-1 cocktail, just with a splash of cranberry.

Be it the Marie Antoinette, whose proportions are closer to a SOS Sour, or the Margarita, try a recipe, and then tinker with it until you get your own ratio down, because in the end, it’s important to know what a drink is supposed to taste like, but it’s not necessary for you to make it that way.

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A Wednesday Night Tradition like no other…

Wednesday night at Sanctuaria is $7 cocktail night for members. Members? Yes, for $20 you can join, you get a $10 cocktail with your membership. You also get $8 cocktails on most nights and $7 for Wednesdays. There are more benefits, but go there and hear them for yourself.

Why does this matter, well, each Wednesday I’m going to go by for a drink or two. After that, I’m going home to make my own, and put together a buzzed up blog on it.

Tonight I went with the Brown Derby as my make at home. There were a few others, but the Brown Derby was the one to make at the house.

Their’s looked like this,

after I drank a fee sips.

Mine looked like this,

I think the difference was caused by my use of the fresh reamed ruby red.

Brown Derby
1.5 Rye
.05 Honey Syrup
1.0 Grapefruit Juice

For the rye I used Rittenhouse, for the grapefruit I used ruby red, for the honey syrup I used H. Max Hilfikers’s Missouri honey from Giddeon, MO. Max is a one of a kind hobbiest/renaissance man, and, with his brother James, produces a mean honey. For the honey syrup I went one to one honey and boiling water, making a syrup allows for better incorporation.

Other drinks were the;

Senator’s Seat, big pear flavor, but great. It’s a house invention, and not a classic cocktail, and wasn’t quite tasty enough for me to ask for recipe/ratio.

I also had The Belizaire, a version of my It’s a Fall Day, and something I plan to play with now that I have that recipe as well.

The Belizaire
1.5 Bourbon
.75 Lemon
.75 Canton
Dash of cinnamon syrup

To make this at home, I’d just toss a bit of cinnamon on top so that it’s in your nostrils when you sip. I am not the biggest Canton fan as it doesn’t bring any ginger heat, but I have my ginger bitters to add heat. I will definitely be playing with this ratio in the future.

All in all, was a good night, and if you ever go there and find something you love, they’ll give you the recipe/ration, so stop in, order something, love it, and learn how to make it at home, but don’t forget to go back.